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ISR-10 Sulis only sub with dual propulsion ISR 10 - Omer 7 with crew back from a race. ISR 10 - Sublime with Weeki Wachee Mermaids.

ISR # 14

The Next International Submarine Race will be: June 22 - 26, 2017

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ISR 12 Sea Technology Article

About the International Submarine Races

The International Submarine Races were conceived as an engineering competition to foster engagement in the ocean engineering and science disciplines by young students. This was to address the developing shortfall in maritime engineering and sciences necessary for the economic success of participating nations. An engineering competition was chosen as the method to attract these students into these career fields.

Each team must develop a one or two-person "wet" submarine. Crew members breathe SCUBA from the air supply carried aboard. Each sub is unique, designed from "scratch," and relies upon novel techniques for propulsion and guidance.

The International Submarine Race's TM specific goals are:

To inspire students of the various engineering disciplines to delve into broad areas of underwater technology advancement and to provide them an educational experience that translates their theoretical knowledge into reality.
To foster advances in subsea vehicle hydrodynamic, propulsion and life support systems.
To increase public awareness of the challenges people face in working in and exploring the ocean depths.



International Submarine Races has had over 2500 contestants in 297 teams building 231 submarines (including modifications) to date. These teams are comprised of contestants from 9 countries. The first human-powered International Submarine Race TM (ISR) was held in 1989 at Singer Island off Riviera Beach, Florida and drew 17 boats. ISR 2 grew to 35 sub team entries in 1991. ISR 3 in 1993 off Ft. Lauderdale drew 44 submarine teams. The 1995 design competition, ISR 4, was the first in a controlled environment and was held at the NAVAL Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) - Carderock Division. NSWC Carderock has graciously hosted the races every other year since, and it has growth to 19 teams competing in 2013 with 21 boats entered.

Contestants include universities, high schools, individuals and research labs. Various awards are given out at each ISR, including ones for best overall performance, innovation, speed by category, best use of composite materials and spirit of the race.

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International Submarine Race Countries of Participation

New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States



Foundation for Underwater Research and Education

Summary/Race Results
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